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September 2023 | Companies

How many components does a car have? 

It is not a secret that today’s vehicles are complete works of engineering. The suppliers design carefully each component with a specific end and a very well-defined fit in the car. Vehicles available in the market are every time more technological, efficient and safe with built-in equipment requiring a high number of components. In current vehicles, we can find among 70,000 to 90,000 parts. 

“The total number of components and parts vary considering some factors such as the vehicle equipment or the type of fuel it uses. For instance, electric cars offer a higher mechanic simplicity because its component number is lower. Conversely, internal combustion models house -just in the transmission- among 300 to 400 items. Regarding plug-in hybrids, the numbers can be even higher” according to the initiative Autoparts from Spain.


The key role of Spanish manufacturers of automotive components 


Component manufacturers are in charge of making cars take shape. This industry provides 75% of vehicle’s value. In the case of Spain, the industry of automotive components is a solid, innovative and competitive one.

“All Spanish suppliers collaborate with components and vehicle manufacturers all over the world to release to the market vehicles every time safer, efficient, connected and optimized. This industry is a Spanish economy’s strategic sector representing 10% of GDP and billings of more than €37,600 million says María Begoña Llamazares, coordinator of the platform AutoParts From Spain. 

One of the signs of identity of the Spanish industry is innovation. Last year I+D+ investment reached €1,231.5 million, three times the industry’s average, and 3.3% of their gross billing. All brands belonging to the initiative devote a serious percentage of this investment to ensure the best quality in all products and processes which are every time more optimized and, consequently, more efficient.  

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