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July 2024 | Companies

Autofren Seinsa, pioneers in brake systems manufacturing for the automotive industry

In the competitive automotive world, quality and innovation are keys of success. A company which incarnates such values is Autofren Seinsa, a Spanish company devoted to manufacturing transmission, steering, suspension and brake systems for automotive parts and a leading brake caliper rebuilder being approved by the original equipment manufacturer. Today, we will explore in detail how this company stands out and how its integral approach in manufacturing brings high-quality products.

Founded in 1972, the company has built a solid reputation in the automotive industry thanks to its commitment with quality and innovation. With its headquarters in Navarra, Spain, the company is recognized worldwide because of its reliability and high-performance which makes it car manufacturers’ and car garages’ favorite choice. From start, the company has shown a constant dedication to improve its products and services getting adapted to the ever-changing market needs.

Full control of the manufacturing process

One of the brand’s fundamental pillars is its capacity to control every manufacturing step. According to the company itself “as manufacturers we can control each step of the process” it means, the brand has a total control from raw materials, design, tool production and all the manufacturing process until the final product. This approach allows the company to assure quality at every step of the way from selecting the best materials to the final product’s delivery.

This integral control of the process is essential to keep consistency on product quality, ensuring product reliability and allowing the company to be flexible answering fast to market demands.


International certifications and guidelines

Quality is a priority and this is reflected in the company’s commitment with IATF 16949 international certification. This certification is one of the strictest standards in the automotive industry and is focused on ongoing improvement and the defect prevention. Meeting these guidelines allows the company to ensure products which overpass clients’ expectations regarding quality and reliability.

Furthermore, all innovation processes are defined in the EFQM Strategic Planning which allows the company to keep a constant focus on quality and continuous improvement, assuring that each product delivered from the facilities meets international guidelines and expectations. 

Also, the brand and all its product references are supervised and meet European Union guidelines. Concretely, they meet the European Economic Community’s requirements 2004/108/CE, 2006/95/CE and 2009/125/CE. These certifications guarantee the products follow European safety and performance guidelines. 

Ongoing innovation and technological development

Another basic pillar is innovation. The company invests constantly in I+D to stay at the industry’s vanguard. This approach to innovation permits the development of new products and the continuous improvement of manufacturing processes.

One of the recent examples of these innovation is the introduction of new materials and technologies in suspension and brake components manufacturing. These advances improve the product’s performance and durability contributing to a higher road safety.

Commitment with quality and client

The company offers a customer service which provide technical support and advice to its clients. This client-centered approach helps the brand to build lasting and trusting relations with its clients who not only value product quality but also service and support.

International presence and expansion

Autofren Seinsa has consolidated itself both in Spanish and international markets exporting its products to more than 85 countries, a showcase of its capacity to compete internationally. This expansion reflects the company’s commitment to quality and reliability in its products.

The company regularly attends important fairs and exhibitions worldwide taking advantage of such platforms to introduce its latest innovations and products to a global audience. The next scheduled event is Automechanika Frankfurt from 10th to 14th of September at pavilion 5.1 C51, a great opportunity to show its technological advances and strengthen its network of contacts. If attending this fair, we suggest you to get in contact with the brand through this link.

Looking forward to the future, Autofren Seinsa keeps its vision to innovation and excellence in quality with ongoing I+D investment plans to explore new technologies and materials able to optimize even more its product offer. With a solid reputation in quality and a rigorous control of the manufacturing processes, this company is perfectly positioned to hold on to its leadership in the industry of automotive components by constantly adapting to market needs and looking for new growth opportunities at the international stage.

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