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July 2024 | Companies

Lizarte: leading the way to a sustainable future in remanufacturing automotive components

Since its beginning in 1973, Lizarte has consolidated itself as a reference in automotive components remanufacturing for the after-sale market. Its mission has always been the one to promote a sustainable future through high-quality remanufactured products. With the support of a committed team with an exceptional service and in constant search for excellence. They also aim to be recognized as the supplier with the best index service and a strategic partner in remanufacturing mechatronic products.

Quality and availability are two essential operation pillars to bring products meeting with the most rigorous quality standards and ensuring reliable and solid solutions for its clients. Besides, its commitment with availability ensures clients can count on with the required products at the required time, a feature which is crucial in the automotive sector.

This brand specializes in remanufacturing assistance and power steering pumps and it has expanded its offer by featuring air conditioning compressors and diesel injection systems. This diversification of products has allowed the company to consolidate itself as a key player in the market offering a wide range of solutions to its clients

Furthermore, quality is a promise. The company assures all its remanufactured products meet the strictest quality standards, including ISO 9001 e IATF 16949 certifications -customized for the sector-. This commitment is materialized in a two-year warranty in all products to secure client satisfaction.

Understanding the importance of agility in the sector, Lizarte guarantees a wide range of available products. With an exceptional availability service from its Pamplona’s warehouse and its regulatory warehouses in Spain, France and Germany, the company efficiently satisfies client demands.

Mechatronics experience

The expert engineering team in mechatronic components remanufacturing uses its vast technical knowledge to boost the development of Lizarte ON!, a series of top-pf-the-line products in this field. This technical experience allows the company to offer innovative high-quality products meeting with the current market demands.

Lizarte ON! represents the culmination of innovation and experience in the mechatronic field. These top-notch products are designed to offer a superior performance and unparalleled reliability placing the brand as a sector leader in remanufacturing mechatronic components.

Client-centered philosophy

The company’s client-centered philosophy which is reflected in its willingness to provide technical assistance and first-class after-sale assistance. This customer service commitment ensures the final user receives the required support for the correct marketing and installation of the products.

Its client support team is always available, ensuring clients can set up and use products efficiently and profitably.

Sustainability: focus on circular economy

Lizarte is a pioneer in a greener economy transition through its focus on circular economy. The company is devoted to provide high-quality products as well as actively participate in environmental protection. The brand transforms potential waste in remanufactured products providing a second life to those materials.

This circular economy focus brings a positive environmental impact since it reduces the need to produce new components from scratch, decreasing in this way CO2 emissions and natural resources consumption. 

From its foundation, Lizarte has shown and unbreakable commitment with quality, availability, innovation and sustainability. The company has consolidated as a leader in component remanufacturing for the after-sale market, offering products that meet with the highest quality standards contributing then to a more sustainable future. With its client-centered focus and technical expertise in mechatronics, Lizarte keeps on being a reliable strategic partner and a pioneer in the automotive industry.

It is also worth mentioning that Lizarte will attend Automechanika Frankfurt, the most important fair for the after-sale sector, located at pavilion 6.1 D08, where latest innovations and products for the industry will be showcased. This attendance is an excellent opportunity to show its leadership and commitment with quality and innovation in the international market.

If you are interested in learning more about Lizarte, its high-quality products and its commitment with sustainability, or if you think about exploring possible collaborations or business opportunities, we invite you to get in touch with the company here.

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