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November 2023 | Companies

The car’s braking system and its importance

The car’s braking system is one of the most critical technologies to assure driver, passenger, and pedestrian’s safety on the roads. Often its importance is underestimated since brakes go in a secondary place during day-by-day driving. However, understanding its function and importance is essential for every person who uses a motor vehicle. 


How is the braking system’s basic functioning? 


The car’s braking system is based on the principle of transforming kinetic energy into heat through friction which reduces speed or stops the vehicle all together. The system includes several key components: 

Brake disks and pads 

Most of cars use brake disks in their wheels which roll along with the them The brake pads press on the discs when the driver pushes the brake pedal and generating friction. 

Hydraulic system 

The braking system is hydraulic which means it uses fluids to transmit pressure from the brake pedal to the wheels. When the brake pedal is pushed, it increases fluid pressure which takes brake pads against the discs and that produces the required friction to stop the car. 

ABS Brakes 

Most of current vehicles are equipped with an anti-lock braking system (ABS) which avoids wheels to be blocked during a sudden brake. This allows the driver to keep the car’s control even in an intense braking situation. 


What is the importance of the effective braking system?


The car’s braking system is crucial for several reasons: 


The most obvious reason is safety. An efficient braking system is essential to avoid crashes and stop the car safely in emergency situations. 


Brakes allow the driver to keep control over the vehicle. In intense traffic situations or adverse weather conditions such as rain or snow, a good braking system is essential to maneuver with precision. 

Component wearing 

A braking system in bad shape can produce premature wearing of components such as brake pads and disks which can lead to expensive repairs. 

Preventive maintenance 

A braking system in proper condition is part of the car’s preventive maintenance. Not only it assures us an optimum behavior but also extends the components’ lifespan and reduce high expenses in the long run. 

Normative compliance 

Braking systems must comply with strict safety standards and regulations to assure the vehicles to be safe on the road. 


These are the main Spanish braking systems providers belonging to Autoparts from Spain 


Within the initiative Autoparts from Spain, several brands have an outstanding presence thanks to their experience in manufacturing high-quality braking systems. 


Sadeca Is a leading company in brake components manufacturing with focus on innovation and quality. Its commitment with safety and performance is widely known in the automotive industry. 


FRENKIT are brake repair experts. It is a Spanish brand specialized in brake repair kits and related components. Its wide product catalog offers reliable solutions to keep braking systems in optimum conditions. 

Autofren Seinsa

Autofren Seinsa is a company devoted to manufacturing high-quality brake components. Its experience in the industry and commitment with safety makes it a sector’s reference. 

Icer Brakes

Icer Brakes is a well-known company worldwide because of its innovation in braking systems. With a +60 years run, the company has developed avant-garde technologies which assure the vehicle’s safety and performance. 

If you are looking for high-quality braking suppliers, we invite you to find out all brands belonging to Autoparts from Spain. Each of these brands offer reliable and safe solutions to keep your braking system in optimum conditions.

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