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What is Engine Coolant Temperature sensor about? engine coolant temperature sensor is crucial in modern industry, since it is fundamental to monitor the engine temperature. With a continuous temperature control, it allows implementing predictive maintenance strategies which helps prevent fails and reduce inactivity time.

By maintaining motor temperature within optimal ranges, the sensor significantly contributes to equipment endurance and performance therefore making industrial operations safer and more efficient.

What is the temperature sensor?


It is a component of the engine management system which goal is measuring the coolant temperature in a precise way which is essential to keep the motor running within its optimum temperature limits.

Regarding predictive maintenance, the engine coolant temperature sensor allows automotive companies to anticipate issues before they come up, reducing downtime and repair costs. It also protects the motor and improves operative efficiency besides its contribution to sustainability with fuel use and emission reductions.

Types of temperature sensors


There are several types of engine coolant temperature sensors, each of them with its own features and measure systems. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Thermistors (NTC y PTC): NTC thermistors decrease their resistance as the temperature increases, while BTC thermistors increase their resistance as the temperature increases. Both types are highly precise and react quickly to temperature changes, they are essentials to control efficiently the motor temperature.
  • Thermocouples: they consist on two different metals linked in one point which creates a voltage changing by temperature. They are known for their wide measure range and durability; however, they require referential temperature compensation.
  • Resistance temperature detectors (RTD): Resistance temperature detectors use metals such as platinum which that change their firmness with temperature. They measure metal electric resistance offering high precision and long-term stability. They are ideal for industrial applications where a constant and precise temperature monitoring is required.
  • Semiconductor sensors: they are based on semiconductor integrated circuits which produce a voltage output proportional to temperature. They are compact and offer a good range of precision in moderate temperature what makes them fit to electronic and automatization applications.

Each type of engine coolant temperature sensor offers specific advantages, so it is essential to make the right choice and application to assure functional reliability and efficiency of industrial systems and motors.

Applications of temperature sensors


Engine coolant temperature sensors have several applications. They are essential to temperature monitoring and optimizing operative efficiency. These are some of their main uses:

  • Controlling the cooling system: the device constantly monitors motor temperature and adjust the fan and the water pump works to keep an optimal temperature. Vehicles use these sensors to avoid overheating and assuring an efficient performance and long-lasting life for the motor.
  • Adjusting the air-fuel mixture: information provided by the sensor helps the ECU to adjust the needed fuel-air mixture for optimum combustion. Modern vehicles depend on these adjustments to improve fuel efficiency and reduce polluting emissions.
  • Diagnosis and predictive maintenance: the sensors allow to detect potential problems before they turn into serious failures ensuring predictive maintenance. The onboard diagnosis systems (OBD) use data from the sensor to warn drivers on motor temperature problems allowing them to have early interventions and avoid costly repairs.
  • Optimizing the motor performance: By monitoring the coolant temperature, the sensor helps the ECU to keep the motor working in optimum conditions. In high-demand situation such as speedy driving or heavy loads, the sensor ensures that the motor works within the safe limits improving reliability and vehicle performance.
  • Emission control: setting motor temperature within ideal ranges helps reducing polluting gases. In this way, the sensors help emission control systems to adjust motor operations so they can meet environmental guidelines and contribute to a more ecologic driving.

Companies belonging to Autoparts from Spain


Diverse companies associated to our initiative Autoparts from Spain are leading the innovation in electronic components such as the engine coolant temperature sensors.

All of them are at the vanguard of technology providing high-quality solutions which promote efficiency and reliability for vehicles all over the world.


Airtex, founded it in the 1930s, it is a world leader in water and fuel pumps -the biggest worldwide independent manufacturer of pumps-. Airtx takes advantage of its vast experience in developing and supplying parts and replacement products.

As fuel and cooling system experts, the company is integrating top-notch technology in its products to improve motor efficiency and reliability. This involves developing engine coolant temperature sensors as water pump’s complements assuring a precise control of motor temperature and a better management of the vehicle performance.

With Airtex’s experience and commitment with technological innovation in the mix, it is assured their products meet with the car industry’s highest quality and efficiency standards.

Anglí Industrias

Anglí Industrias is relevant for offering quality solutions in the field of electronic and electric components for the car industry. With a global presence reaching more than 40 countries and a strong reputation in the market, Anglí keeps being a reference in the sector.

The brand’s innovation in electronic components is a directly related with temperature sensors. The company is constantly developing and improving its devices to assure a precise and reliable motor temperature measure for a safe and efficient work.

Anglí has been recognized through the years for quality and reliability and its commitment with innovation is reflected in an ongoing improvement of its products.


FAE, is outstanding for excellence in the manufacturing of electronic and electric components, an innovation pioneer in engine coolant temperature sensors. Within its large catalogue of products, FAE offers sensors designed to monitor the coolant temperature and assure an optimum motor performance.

FAE’s experience and commitment to electric component innovation guarantees precise and high-quality temperature sensors contributing with operational efficiency and an optimum performance of vehicles and industrial equipment.


GMJ is a leading company in electric wiring manufacturing and injection of technical parts for the car sector. With more than 30 years of experience, GMJ develops new-technology based, innovative solutions to satisfy the market needs.

The company uses state-of-the-art technology and its wide acquired knowledge to develop temperature sensors meeting with the requirements of current and future markets. These sensors are designed to provide reliable and precise motor temperature measures contributing to a more efficient and safe vehicle performance

GMJ stands out because of its capacity to adapt to changing market needs and its commitment with technology innovation.

Tecnodiesel Murcia

Tecnodiesel Murcia, with a solid experience in fuel and diesel injection -since its 2004 opening in 2004- is a renowned specialist in fuel and diesel motors management.

The company also works hard to offer high quality solutions to assure an optimal motor performance. Its reconstructed products include temperature sensors which provide reliable and precise measures contributing to fuel and diesel motors’ efficiency and durability in a wide variety of applications

Tecnodiesel Murcia is at the top of the game in motor management technology and innovation by making sure its products meet with the industry’s highest standards and please the changing needs of clients.

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